Still Life : Objetos : THINGS

Works on Paper: Still Life

Jewish Art - A Modern Interpretation of the Mizrah - Judaica

Mindful Parenting - Meditations - Verses - Visualizations - Mindful Parenting

Good Bye - MAD Coronabola: Adios CCP Hong Kong, zaijian! - Hong_Kong 2019 - 2047

M.A.D. - Coronabola Election 2020 Painting - Thonka Style

M.A.D. - Coronabola Batsh*t Crazy 2020 Painting - Thonka Style

The Last Tiger: samples from works on paper scrolls on the endangered tiger Non-Traditional : Limited Edition Print 2017

Additional Non-Traditional Tibetan Thonka Coloring Meditations :

- Below: 2011 "War Pigs of Religion" Tonka Variation Non-Traditional Tibetan Thanka Meditation: Limited Edition on Silk Scrolls

Contacto en Progresso: Nulla Dies Sine Linea


Draw what you see peaches!"

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