Paintings on Paper : Still Life : Objetos : Things

My China Story- On the Belt and Road -American Thangka

Q-bert 2021- The Wheel of (!#@?!) -Tibetan Thangka Style

Shinto Buddhist - The Wheel of Life - Japanese Tangka Style

Stages of Meditation - The Man in the Yellow Hat - Buddhist Meditation

Coronabola 2020 - 2021- Ganesha Protection Painted Scroll - Thonka Style

Hecho en Qingdao- Productos for the Qingdao Girls Advertising Poster - Made in China, PRC

South Florida - Selected compositions with plants from North Miami Beach 2005 - Florida Plants

Hallandale Beaches - Selected compositions with plants from area beaches 2004 - Hollywood, FL

Still Life - a variety of small objects painted on oil from our days in NYC 1999-Still Life

Mangrove Mural - Premer Elementary Playground at MCDS - Mangrove Forest

Something Fishy - Public Art Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale 2003 - Sailfish

The Heron Project - The Key to Your Success - Wall Painting

Miami Beach House - Fashion Show - Jungle Backdrop


"The technique of painting is very difficult, and very interesting. There is no end to the study of technique." Robert Henri