Art in Education: Sharing the Common Human Element : QCCI Magazine, Qingdao, PRC 2012

PDF: The Alexandria Gazette: Campagna Center, Mosaic Pathway, 2009

El Reencuentro de Jorge Perez-Rubio: Artist Returns to South Florida : El Nuevo Herald, Miami, Florida March 2006

el Al-Ahram on Art Exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt : "People and Places of Egypt" : Fall 2004 :

Article in "the Washington Times" about "New Jerusalem Series" at Jihad Watch 2004:
One of various reprints of the Robert Lalasz article on the New Jerusalem Series please click here

Casa y Estilo International Magazine Article on City of God paintings:

BanDao Newspaper : Qingdao, China, May 2013, article by Liu Xuelian : Edit by Song Tao : Art Education


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