2010 Campagna Center Summer Visual Arts Program / Drawing Portfolio Workshop

Dates: July and August (addendum.)

Course Description: Based on the premise that Drawing Is Like Writing, this course is a Re-Introduction to the Foundations of Drawing aimed towards improved draftsmanship and increased individual skill. Projects will be observation based in the study of the still life, the landscape, and the figure. Students will have the flexibility to work both within their individual art skills and also to challenge their abilities. Students will be introduced to various materials, techniques, and mediums involved in the Art of Drawing. Through several field trips and site visits, students will see professionals apply visual communication skills in a variety of fields. Students will also develop their individual portfolios to better reflect their art skills and personal aspirations for future employment as artists in their community.

AM Session: 9-12 High School Art Studio: Mornings are spent in drawing and portfolio development classes. Drawing classes include exercises in still life, landscape, and the figure. Life drawing classes will make use of the impressionist tradition of live models and immersion in the landscape. Learning traditional techniques in plein air and sketching combined with modern imaging techniques. Students will have the opportunity to draw in a variety of settings, they will study American Painters in a historical framework and work directly from pieces in private and public collections.

Working with friends of the Campagna Center and pulling from resources in the Alexandria community of professionals, students will explore career tracks where visual communication is important. Students will see drawing skills applied by professionals in many fields. For example:

Learn about architecture and engineering, drafting, and mechanical drawing by visits to the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech

Witness observation skills applied through Photography and Design in Police Work

Apply layout, design, cartooning and illustration in print and web media

Understand how Digital Imaging is used in Health Care and the Medical Field

Visit the Patent Office and decipher diagrams and schematics

Learn about Surveying and City Planning from officials at City Hall

Appreciate Public Art through the Art Commission of Alexandria

Experience history first hand by visits to Old Town and the Alexandria Archaeology Center

See working artists in action at the Torpedo Factory and the Art League of Alexandria

While developing individual portfolios for each student, we will explore and discuss other career paths where drawing, craftsmanship, and compositional skills are required to succeed from cartography and city planning to baking pastries and cakes.

PM Session : Community Service for Head Start or Mentoring Program with Campagna Kids Summer Camp : Students from the AM Studio Art Session will be elligible to participate in the Campagna Kids Summer Program or the Pre-School Summer Safari to help implement and develop a concurrent and repeating two week Elementary Art Program. High School Students will serve as "mentors" to the Campagna Kids and help guide them in developing basic art skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Expectations and Procedures: To learn from current professionals in the Alexandria community about the importance of developing basic perceptual,observational, and compositional skills necessary to succeed in their field. Maintenance of a sketchbook and development of a portfolio for later use is required. Attendance and a positive attitude also required:)


* Sketchbook and Classroom Drawing Materials Provided

* Additional Printing and/or Specialized Inventory at Instructor Discretion

* Transportation on all trips included


monday tuesday wednesday 9-12 thursday friday Weekly Schedule: Campagna Center Summer Art Program

7/6 7/7 7/8 7/9

Alexandria Archeology Museum
7/12 7/13 7/14 7/15

The Washington - Alexandria Architecture Center

Community Service #1

U.S. Patent Office
7/20 7/21 7/22

Alexandria Art Commission

Community Service #2
7/26 7/27

GWU Hospital
7/28 7/29 7/30

Community Service #3
8/2 8/3

National Gallery
8/4 8/5

Corcoran College of Art&Design

Portfolio Review