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Love & Death - Selected Paintings de la serie - Vida y Muerte

Qingdao Girls - Shanghai Advertising Posters - China, PRC

Advertising Poster - Stop Eating Dogs 2016 - China, PRC

History of Art - from a Floridian Perspective on - the Beach


Floridians - Selecciones del deuxieme tableaux - Floridians

Pin Up 2K - Promotional Portraiture on Commission - Pin Up 2K

Mythos - Beach Alleghories from Comparative Mythology 2009 - Mythos

Tibetan Mastiffs - A Surealist Attempt at Revisionism - and Chairman Mao

Bathers, Miami Beach - Ocean Drive to Surfside - Rdm B&W - Oil on Board 2006

Vertical Miami - Pole Dancing Paintings from Miami Clubs & Cabarets - Miami Vertical

Nude Figure Work - Sample oil on board paintings from the model, NYC - Nude Figure Painting

Portraits/ Retratos - NOT a portrait painter : References provided upon request - Retratos/ Portraits

Auto Retrat - References provided upon request : Experiences in Self Portraiture - Self Portrait

People of Cairo - abstracts after Wilfredo Lam in Egypt 2003 editions print- Personajes del Cairo

Early Mythology - selected paintings: references provided upon request - Mitologia Antigua

"Angst", oil on canvas, 42X48, 1959 to 1995 (* Private Collection)


"The Technique of painting is very difficult, and very interesting. There is no end to the study of technique" Robert Henri 1817