Drawings of People :La Figura

Qingdao Mermaids
- Olympic Sailing Museum 2012 - Sirenas

- Strong Ale Works, Qingdao, 2013 Calendar - Beer Posters

Ba Sien
- Shandong, China, Legend of the "Ba Sien" - Eight Immortals

Qingdao Girls - Commercial Poster Art Portraits from China - illustration

Tank Girl@ - On this site on June 4th 1989 nothing happened - Tiananmen

Dance of India - Bharata NatYam, Kathkali and Bollywood- Figure Drawing

At the Beach - Mixed dry media sketches for Beach Paintings - Figure Drawing

Chicken and Rice - A Miami Story by M.Caputo: Story Board Art - Arroz con Pollo

Fleischer Animation - Plea for the Famous Studios: Fundraiser - Miami Preservation

Illustration - Odd Song: Illustrated Poem : World Trade Center Memorial NYC - Odd Song

Silouettes - 2004 Spring Show de Primavera en Fisher Island, Florida : ReTratos/Portraits

Skellies - Private Show: Drawings, Prints and Stickers : Skeleton Suicide Bombers Skellies

Aegipcios / Aegyptians - 2003 dibujos de personajes inspirados por la obra de Wi-fredo Lam

Isis and Diana / Diana and Isis - Two charcoal drawings on paper mounted on wood 2003 EGY

Figure Drawings / Figure Drawings - Contour - sketches of traditional/national costume 2002 EGY

Drawings : Dibujos : Zeichnen
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Auto Retrat - References provided upon request : Experiences in Self Portraiture - Self Portrait

Jury Duty / NYC - 1990-2000 Series of sketches : Jury Duty in Downtown Manhattan, NYC

Mindful Parenting - Meditations - Verses - Visualizations - Mindful Parenting

Pin Up 2K - Variety of Promotional Portraiture on Commission - Pin Up 2K

- Academic Figure Drawing Master Class Work - Figura

Love & Death - Selected Paintings de la serie - Vida y Muerte

"Realize that a drawing is not a copy. It is a construction in very different material. A drawing is an invention." Robert Henri 1817