American Thangka

A Selection of Scrolls, Books, Tapestries and Thangka Inspired Wall Art

Washington, D.C.

American Landscape Painting Series : MMVIII - MMXIX

Nuevos Paisajes 2020 Cityscapes : New Paintings

Washington, D.C.

Washington DC - Constructivist Black and White Cityscape of the American Capital - District of Columbia

Washington DC - "A Requiem for Pierre L'Enfant", Washington DC - District of Columbia

Washington DC - Aerial Deconstruction of the American Capital - District of Columbia

District of Columbia - Selections from the Painting Portfolio - Washington DC

StudioA Presents: Cityscapes - October 19, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Landscape: EcumeniCANisimos

One City - Cityscapes: Template for Caribbean Coexistence - One Love

Co-Existencia - Tolerance Paintings: Peace Paintings 2020-e Intolerables

Co_Existence - EG. Cuidad de Dios :No, de serie de 1995 - 2018-& In Tolerance

Bamiyan - Switzerland to Afghanistan City of God Series for Roadside Exhibit - Bubendorf

Jerusalem2k - Referential Compositions of the City at the turn of the Millennium - Jerusalem2k

Blue Miami - Nighttime painting of Miami "City of God" Series 04/06 - MoonOver Miami

North Miami - Ecumenical Painting of Miami "City of God" Series 04/06 - Coexistence

La Galeria - Sailfish Benefit: Ecumenical Coexistence Design - Ft. Lauderdale MoA

Coexistence- Selected paintings from the original series - Coexistence

2000 to 2010- A Decade of Interfaith War - Private Collection

2020- A Paradigm Shift - Lost in Translation

American Landscape Painting : East Coast

Abstracts from the series - Washington DC - Revisited 2014-2016

West Coast 2008 - Post Modern American Landscape Painting - 2009 East Coast

Washington DC - Aerial Deconstruction of the American Capital - District of Columbia

Private Homes - private commissions, historic homes and places - Residential Retrats

Historic 1908 YWCA - Home of the Piedmont Textile Mill & Village Museum - Piedmont, SC

Washington, NC - View from across the Pamlico/Tar River Basin - Washington County

Anytown, USA - Watercolor studies @Henderson Square, Simpsonville - South Carolina

New York V I - Selected oil on canvas paintings of New York City from 1991-2000 - NYC

New York v II - Selected oil on canvas paintings of New York City from 1990-1995 - NYC

Coney Island - Selected drawings and paintings from Coney Island, NYC - Brooklyn

&Philadelphia -a View of Downtown from Veterans Stadium 1990 - Origins

South Florida - View of Downtown from Julia Tuttle Causeway - and Miami

Paisajes: International Cityscapes

Cairo, Egypt V.1 - Acrylic on canvas paintings from neighborhoods in Cairo,Egypt 2002-2003

Cairo, Egypt V.III - Three acrylic on canvas paintings from sites in central Cairo, Egypt 2003

Three Pyramids Ed. - Acrylic on canvas paintings of three pyramids found in Lower Egypt

Heliopolis - Views from our neighborhood between Shera El Merghany and Korba 2001-2003

Maadi, Cairo - acrylic panorama of the baseball fields in Midan Victoria, Maadi 2001-2002

Giza, Cairo - Selected paintings of the Three Great Pyramides and the Sphinx 2002-2003

Alexandria /Iskandreya- View of alexandrine harbor from Hotel Metropole'02-03 (*privat)

2009 - The Rescue of Captain Richard Phillips: Seascape - 2010

Interfaith City of Heliopolis : Cairo, Egypt

Retrospective: "3 Years in AEgypt", Washington DC 2023

Paintings from China, PRC

Cityscapes - So what exactly is a Chinese Painting ? - Qingdao, China

Beijing - Early Twentieth Century Modern Painting - Shanghai, PRC

Tsingtao - Lighthouse, Pier and Beer Logo - Qingdao, PRC

Qingdao - the Green Island - Shandong, PRC


"The Technique of painting is very difficult, and very interesting. There is no end to the study of technique." Robert Henri